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An ex client recently recieved my clinic newsletter with a link to inserted.

His response below is followed by my reply.

I am grateful that he is sufficiently interested to read my newsletters let alone check out my blog.


I must admit that I quite like your posts.

Tell me, how often would you surf in a week? Also, do you meditate?

Do you find that regular surfing helps to keep your mind on track? I’m starting to find this & I am contemplating moving closer to the Northern Beaches ie Narrabeen so that its easier to surf in the mornings on week days.

Let me know your thoughts on this?

Cheers ……..

Living in Sydney, my ex client is physically a long way from me but is a virtual neighbour.

Thanks …….,

Appreciate your feed back muchly.

I surf around 7 times weekly…not necessarily everyday.

I meditate in a functional way not in the ideological full lotus position.

Narrabeen is one of my adolescent haunts having cut my teeth on the northern Beaches of Sydney growing up in Manly and visiting most of the pubs and beaches on the Peninsula on an amazingly regular basis.I have lived at Narrabeen, Collaroy, Dee Why, Harbord, Fairlight, Balgowlah.
Surf at North Narrabeen gets very good and very crowded.

For mine, surfing encourages osmotic interaction with salt water for extended periods of time and in that environment find myself in the strangest, most exhilarating and unpredictable situations, a great way to start the day, bringing some semblance of balance in an otherwise crammed agenda, split between expanding my IT intelligence in the virtual world, practicing my clinical skills in the real world and relating one through the other for the benefit of those interested in developing their clinical skills.

Can’t see you regretting any move to Narrabeen 🙂

Although if I had a choice I would go for Avalon or Newport

Back to work for me.

Kind Regards,


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