The successful practice of Classical Japanese Acupuncture requires a refined skillset including the capacity to needle painlessly, the result of much practice. In this case Pericardium 8 – Rōkyū – Láogong. This is especially so when we needle the wood and fire points of the Yin meridians.

The amazing knowledge contained in the Ancient Chinese Medical Classics when applied using the highly refined and consumer friendly skills of Japanese Acupuncture make a truly prosperous combination.

My belief in this ancient medical art is founded in my 38 years of clinical practice. After 27 years teaching my passion for sharing this beautiful way of practicing Acupuncture grows exponentially.

As a teacher the only thing better than seeing a student light up when they actually comprehend the potential of our medicine is to see both them and their patient’s prosper as a result of that realisation.

About Alan

Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. As a staunch advocate of practically based workshops, Alan draws upon his 35 years clinical experience and 23 years post and undergraduate teaching. Alan has presented, convened and hosted more than 70 Traditional Japanese Acupuncture workshops in Australia, Europe, and USA.

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