Established in 2004, is the leading video based online learning platform for Traditional Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion.  With over 200 clinically relevant video's available this site presents a great learning opportunity for the keen student and practitioner of … [Read more...]

Classical Acupuncture Needling Skills

Ki 10 - Inkoku - Yingû, when needled correctly strengthens the consolidating function of Kidney Yin and increases the production of Jin - Ye. The first in an insightful series of four streaming introductory presentations "Mastering the Art of Classical Acupuncture" is being broadcast on May 25th … [Read more...]


CLASSICAL ACUPUNCTURE IN ACTION The successful practice of Classical Japanese Acupuncture requires a refined skillset including the capacity to needle painlessly, the result of much practice. In this case Pericardium 8 - Rōkyū - Láogong. This is especially so when we needle the wood and fire … [Read more...]


In the next module of the ongoing WorldAcupuncture online course on the 30th & 31st January 2021 we will be thoroughly exploring the diagnosis and treatment of various Spleen deficiency syndromes. Join us on our virtual journey into the Heart and Soul of Traditional East Asian Medicine in this … [Read more...]

“Online Certificate Traditional Japanese Acupuncture”

Starting THIS WEEKEND 31st October 2020 with the Introductory level "Online Certificate in Traditional Japanese Acupuncture" seminar.  This series will be offered ONCE ONLY with live English to Portuguese translation. COMMENCES 31st Oct-1st Nov … [Read more...]

Tratamento Raiz

The Root Treatment After the last 6 webinars, where we explored many different dimensions of diagnosis, to establish the most accurate Syndrome pattern and then apply the Root treatment. We are very happy to announce that we are offering a webinar with live translation into Portuguese, … [Read more...]

Live Acupuncture Treatment

Root Treatment - LIVE TREATMENT with Alan Jansson Welcome to the 6th and final in this series of Free webinars about the Root Treatment. In this live webinar Alan sensei will give a treatment in a clinical context, combining all the tools - Pulse diagnosis - … [Read more...]


Welcome to the 5th in this series of FREE webinars about the Root Treatment Abdominal diagnosis or Hara diagnosis like reading the pulse, is all about our tactile sensitivity! Learn about palpating the … [Read more...]

READING THE PULSE with Alan Jansson

Webinar #004 "READING THE PULSE" with Alan Jansson May 12th 2020 10:00PM Lisbon,Portugal/London,UKMay 12th 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time US New YorkMay 13th 2020 07:00 AM Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne To register for the 4TH of this series of Free webinars please click HERE: "The root treatment is … [Read more...]


WEBINAR 0003 Welcome, this will be the 3rd in a series of Free webinars about the Root Treatment in Classical Acupuncture, "NEEDLING TECHNIQUES PART 2" with Alan Jansson.May 5th 2020 10:00PM Lisbon,Portugal/London,UKMay 5th 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time US New YorkMay 6th 2020 07:00 AM … [Read more...]

Tonetskyu Ki 6 Zhàohâi

Alan Jansson from currently in self isolation after returning from overseas demonstrates how he is dealing with a sore throat through regulation of the Kidney meridian by applying 7 cones x Tonetskyu to Ki 6 (Zhàohâi). Regulating the Qi in the Kidney meridian in this … [Read more...]