Japanese Acupuncture and 3 cases of over zealous application

As Christmas approaches down under style, the stress of tying up all the loose ends in addition to an extraordinary dry and hot spell of weather has seen a number of my patients present to clinic energetically deflated. 3 of these patients were diagnosed as Liver yang deficiency syndrome, that is … [Read more...]

Whales, Warriors, Lizards, Turkeys n Tasmanian’s in Rainbow Bay

G'Day, Very short literary post today, longer on the visual. My good friend, talented Acupuncturist  and radical Jersey boy, Andy Rosenfarb has put this site together to assist War veterans recover their health n well being. Please check it out. http://acupuncturehealth.net/wounded_warrior.php … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture 2009

I hope 2009 thus far has been as kind to you as it has too me. Clinic has been busy and there seems to be a much more optimistic air about the place. David, Adam,Andrew and Efrat,  day one clinic 2009. The last three months of 2008 saw very little rideable surf and constant onshore winds … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture New Years 2009

Images from Jack Evans Boat Harbor, Tweed Heads, Australia. 200 yards from home. 1st January 2009. Wishing you sufficient strength to maintain some lightness amidst what is fast becoming a media driven frenzy of imminent doom and darkness. Lotsa, Alan … [Read more...]

Spring 2008, Gold Coast,Australia

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Final Sunset before heading to USA

G'Day hope all is well in your world, Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some beautiful hues in the afternoon sky. I grabbed my camera, threw a leg over my bike and high tailed it to Greenmount but a 2 minute ride away. These images are a result of my late afternoon interlude. Hope you … [Read more...]

Greenmount to Surfers Paradise/Snapper,Snapping

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Images from Saturday June 1st

Greenmount, Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks before the storm. Hope you enjoy and all is well in your world. Alan … [Read more...]

From Acupuncture Practitioner to Acupuncture Client to Acupuncture Practitioner

  An ex client recently recieved my clinic newsletter with a link to WorldAcupuncture.com inserted. His response below is followed by my reply. I am grateful that he is sufficiently interested to read my newsletters let alone check out my blog. Alan, I must admit that I quite like your … [Read more...]

Autumn Images from Rainbow Bay, Australia.

Hope you have had a revitalizing break. Some images from my hood and thereabouts as summer says it's goodbyes. Lotsa, Alan … [Read more...]