Acupuncture V Rice Grain Moxibustion in the Treatment of Mild Anxiety

In reply to Adam’s comment about my post yesterday,

‘In regards to your article about the treatment of anxiety with a LU deficient/ LV excess presentation: why did you needle GV 10 and not use rice grain on it. I am assuming the associated point was tender on palpation and I thought rice grain is usually used in that region to alleviate the heat in the chest area associated with anxiety.’

Whilst it is definitely effective to use rice grain moxibustion on the above point it is not absolutely essential to achieve an effective clinical outcome.

There are certain circumstances, particularly when the patient is suffering from insomnia as a result of stress and anxiety that rice grain moxibustion might be our number one choice.

My understanding is that the placing of a needle at this point will help regulate the movement of Qi in the upper Jiao, perhaps slightly less dynamically than the above mentioned moxibustion technique but certainly satisfactorily in these particular circumstances.

I would like to thank everyone who has posted a comment on the BLOG and encourage your further participation in assisting me in posting pertinent and relevant clinical information.

Over 4 hours in the surf yesterday has left me slightly spleen deficient (excessive use of the arms) from heaps of paddling.

Otherwise known as aching like I have been gently beaten with a baseball bat.

For this condition I will correct the imbalance by tonifying the Spleen using a simple Root treatment Pe.7 and Sp.3, the earth points of both Meridians and then head off to clinic for another day at the coal face doing something I love to do.

Hope you have a good one.


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