An Aussie Christmas

Season’s Greetings,

I hope you are well and happy as you read this post.

I spent most of Christmas Day with my gorgeous daughters, son-in-law’s, father-in-law out from England, grand daughter and grandson.

It was the lushest of Christmas Mornings, lots of delicious mangos, cherries, grapes, nectarines, a razzle-dazzle cooked breakfast, a visit to the beach, a swim in the crystal clear, ambient ocean, building sand models, destroying sand models.

An idyllic Aussie Christmas morning perhaps?

A mass opening of presents with the kids, culminated in my grandson and I falling serenely asleep in the lap of my loving lounge suite.

As I lay there totally seduced by the moment, my 2.2 year old grandson crawled over the couch to rest his head on my shoulder and promptly fall asleep, much like in the photo below taken some two years ago .

My children’s loving nature and generosity of spirit is a beautiful thing for their dad.

Without doubt, I am very grateful to have been showered with such good vibes on Christmas Day.


Alan n Jasper chillin out Oct. 2005

I hope you have an awesome festive season,


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