Going Global with Japanese Acupuncture/Meridian Therapy

Japanese Acupuncture Education is Going Global

Our goal at http://worldacupuncture.com is to make learning Japanese acupuncture/Meridian therapy as accessible as possible for students/practitioners globally and assist our students attain some of the clinical excellence that I first discovered in 1996 in Masakazu Ikeda sensei’s clinic in Imabari, Japan.

It was Edward Obaidey, whose original foray to the land down under in 1994 who lit my professional fire.

In the course of the first morning of his workshop, the penny/cent dropped and I recognized that there was so much more to the practice of acupuncture than I had known or experienced in my previous 12 years of practice and study.

His efforts in assisting me to meet Masakazu Ikeda when I traveled to Japan in 1996 were way beyond the call of duty and to this day I remain deeply grateful to this very talented practitioner of Traditional Japanese acupuncture/Meridian therapy for his inspiration, generosity and wonderful hospitality.

Without the guidance of Masakazu Ikeda sensei I would still be stumbling around in clinic with little integrated understanding of traditional physiology and an extremely basic set of practical skills.

Masakazu Ikeda sensei sets the bar very high in Japanese Acupuncture!

His amazing clinically based understanding of the Traditional Chinese medical texts and clinical skills leave me wide-eyed in amazement, combined with his devotion to sharing these wonderful attributes have provided me with much fuel for my journey in Japanese Acupuncture/Meridian therapy.

For his inspiration and guidance I remain eternally grateful.

In 2002, Ikeda sensei asked me to do everything in my power to ensure the survival of Traditional Acupuncture into the 21st century.

Online Japanese Acupuncture Education

In 2004, five years after I touched my first computer that I realized the immense potential of web based education, especially for those isolated from the mainstream of Japanese Acupuncture/Meridian therapy and registered the domain name http://worldacupuncture.com .

November 20, 2007 saw the publication of my first blogpost . http://www.worldacupunctureblog.com/controversial-acupuncture-legislation-passed-in-new-jersey/

On December 29, 2007 at 06:06 AM I posted my first video on YouTube, about the benefits of Gentle Traditional Acupuncture for the treatment of morning sickness and nausea

December 28, 2008, http://worldacupuncture.com saw our first member join up.

It has been an extremely challenging and rewarding path to travel.

My passion for and belief in the clinical efficacy of Japanese acupuncture/Meridian therapy developed through 25 years of clinical practice has been the driving force behind the development of http://worldacupuncture.com .

I am also inspired by extraordinary students like Adam and Andrew, the creative and administrative hub of world acupuncture, who recognized my vision and shared my passion for this wonderful healing art without their indispensable support I doubt I would have survived the journey.

It is very satisfying to see my vision of six years ago coming to fruition and I am deeply grateful for the extraordinary support of my students, teachers, colleagues and my wonderful daughters Ellie and Naomi.

I wish you much prosperity and happiness in 2011.


Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture.  For over 15 years, independent of and in conjunction with Masakazu Ikeda sensei and Edward Obaidey, Alan has presented, convened and hosted more than 50 Japanese Acupuncture workshops in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the Czech republic. Driven by a strong desire to promote the consumer friendly nature, clinical efficacy and potency of Meridian Based Japanese Acupuncture, Alan is a staunch advocate of practically based workshops and draws upon his 25 years clinical experience and 15 years post and undergraduate teaching in a concerted effort to lift the bar globally in the clinical application of this most amazing medical art.

Join him in exploring Japanese Acupuncture in the 21st century at http://www.Worldacupuncture.com

About Alan

Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. As a staunch advocate of practically based workshops, Alan draws upon his 35 years clinical experience and 23 years post and undergraduate teaching. Alan has presented, convened and hosted more than 70 Traditional Japanese Acupuncture workshops in Australia, Europe, and USA.

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