Explaining Moxibustion To Your Patients


  1. Randy Clere says

    First of all, I HATE f_cking Harry Potter!!!!!:)))) At the first session, I completely explain everything that I do, from needling, shiatsu, moxibustion, to bleeding…. I set the foundation there… then, I use a handout that I made from information gleaned from the great Master, Junji Mitzutani on western physiological effects of direct moxa. And most importantly, I demonstrate on myself before I touch a patient with moxa…. this has always worked very well, and in 30 years, I have had NO complaints, although patients do find me a bit weird… sometimes the word “pyromaniac” comes up! Great video by the way!.


    • Not so keen on HP myself.
      Thanks for the ups re the video, Adam is definitely a rising star of dry wit and precarious delivery.
      All the best Randy,

  2. Alan,
    I DO have to stop threatening to come visit you mates, and just DO IT!!!! I know we would all get on very, very well… I do get so much enjoyment out of WorldAcupuncture! hope you are well, Alan and thanks again for your presence!

  3. Humor is the best way to get a point across, at least in my opinion….people remember things more easily…

  4. Wow, that’s a really interesting way to go about explaining moxibustion. I might have to recommend a similar approach to colleagues of mine.

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