Braxton Hicks Patient Responds Well to Acupuncture Treatment

Regarding the patient who was the subject of my post on November 22nd.

She was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions and severe bleeding five weeks premature to the expected birth date of her 2nd baby.
Tonification of the kidney meridian and importantly, in such an energetically delicate situation, the judicious application of rice grain moxibustion in conjunction with extremely gentle, tonifying traditional acupuncture saw her precarious situation improve overnight and resolve within 36 hours.

9 days later and I am pleased to report her improvement has been maintained and it looks very much like she will go the full term.

She provided some very interesting feedback about treatment.

As you might imagine, relatively high anxiety levels usually accompany the possibility of a premature birth.

The patient’s anxiety manifested as an overwhelming tightness in the chest and throat, classic signs of deficient heat with it’s origins in kidney deficiency.

When my venerable assistant, Andrea applied 11 cones of tonifying tonetskyu (Rice Grain Moxa) to the point Kid.1 the patient experienced spontaneous relief from these symptoms and with the appropriate root treatment and back su points needled an eventual resolution of Braxton Hicks contractions and untimely uterine bleeding.

When used appropriately and applied skilfully, Tonetskyu can be an extra-ordinarily powerful clinical tool, well worth the effort required in it’s administration.

No post tomorrow, the 2nd day of summer in Oz and the beach beckons.

To my colleagues in the northern hemisphere I trust that the stalagmites and stalactites show mercy on you this winter.

Have a good 1,


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