From Debilitating Low Back Pain to Morocco in 4 Treatments

Lynn is currently in Morocco, in this video she explains how articulate acupuncture helped her to go on holidays pain free. I am busy as a blue a..ed fly, getting it together for the launch of the new resource/networking site by June very,very steep learning curve (please be patient). Also crossing … [Read more...]

Acupuncture Turns Patient’s Life Around

G'day One and All, Hope life is going swimmingly for you. I sent a newsletter out to patient's, students and practitioners yesterday entitled 'Why I Do What I Do', a brief insight into my motivation and an explanation as to why I am still practicing Acupuncture after 25 years at the coalface. In … [Read more...]

Acupuncture Provides Spontaneous Relief From Lower Back Pain

Chris is a self employed builder by trade, time equals income and with a family to support he needed assistance to get back on his feet immediately. Meridian based acupuncture once again justified the faith that both he as a patient and myself as a practitioner place in it. This clinical outcome … [Read more...]

Traditional Acupuncture Treatment is First Choice for Acupuncturist Recovering from Lower Back Surgery

Firstly, please read posts for November12 and 13, 2007   'I will keep you posted on the patient‚Äôs progress.This scenario is going down now in Arizona and it is altogether possible that this lady is undergoing surgery as I write this post. ' Today, I can happily confirm that my learned … [Read more...]

A Day in the Clinical Life of a Traditional Acupuncture Practitioner

G'Day Y'all, In clinic yesterday I saw an extremely diverse range of patients. I think the happiest was our IVF patient, after trying for several months she arrived in clinic yesterday to happily announce that she was indeed, pregnant. … [Read more...]

Debilitating Lower Back Condition, what would you suggest to this patient?

Hi Alan! I hope you're doing well. I have an important question regarding this disc injury I have. It's a near total occlusion of the canal space around L5/S1 (originating from L4/L5). I'd say the disc tissue there is occluding about 70% of the space, just pushing the cauda equina to the side. I'm … [Read more...]