The Art of Japanese Acupuncture

It is exactly 2 weeks since my return from Ikeda sensei's clinic and I am only just beginning to get a sense of what I learned. At sensei's clinic in Imabari, Japan, conversation was at a premium, a direct result of my diabolical Japanese literacy levels. Ikeda sensei's teaching was almost … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture Journeys in Japan

Greetings and Salutations, Welcome to the next stage in my journey to Imabari, Japan to visit Masakazu Ikeda sensei in an effort to further develop my skill in and understanding of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. Today I am posting the final images of my stay in Shin-Osaka and selected images … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture in Shin Osaka, Japan

G'Day from Downunda, Here a few more images of my visit to Japan. I stayed at the  'New Osaka Hotel' just a stones throw from Shin- Osaka station, where I eventually boarded the  'Shinkansen' to Okayama. A very reasonable rate of US$70 including breakfast was available through 'Hotel' … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture in Japan

Greetings and Salutations, After what has been an extremely busy week in clinic I am preparing to leave for Japan tomorrow morning. My visit to Imabari on the Island of Shikoku in Southern Japan to observe at Masakazu Ikeda sensei's clinic will be my first in 7 years and my anticipation grows by … [Read more...]

Why Traditional Japanese Acupuncture?

Greetings n Salutations, Here are some very good reasons why you might choose Japanese Acupuncture, as a patient and/or student. Two very different emails about the tradition of Acupuncture, one from a student and the other from a patient Whilst I am very grateful to be the  subject of their … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture on the West Coast of New Zealand

Gooday, Thanks for visiting. I trust I have done some justice to The Land of Lord of the Rings in one of the final pictorial post's of my recent travels in the Shaky Isles. Wonderful hospitality, amazing weather, magnificent scenery, pristine waters, trusty hire car, some seriously fine … [Read more...]

Fiery Musical Luminations from Luminate 09

Greetings n Salutations, This will be my final post regarding the Luminate 09 Music and Lifestyle Festival. I must confess ! On the final night in the midst of an inspirational  set by Adham Shaikh, who's music and my desire to capture pertinent images of Adham in full swing was my primary … [Read more...]

Luminations of Fun n Games

G'Day, hope all is well in your world, A few more images from' Luminate 09'. It was a privilege to be amongst people so intent on celebrating Life in such an entertaining way. Lotsa, Alan Daily Jam Session, the boys get down n dirty In Da Groove Havin A Real Good Time No Age Limit at Luminate … [Read more...]

12 Month Old Baby Enjoys Her 1st Japanese Acupuncture Treatment

Gooday To You, It's  blustery, rainy and an ominous skied Rainbow Bay today. In clinic yesterday we treated a 12 month old Maddison who weighed just 5kgs. This beautiful girl was an absolute delight to treat, her happy demeanor affected us all in the most positive way. After 3 months in hospital … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture Goes Tribal

G'Day, Another day in Rainbow Bay sees cloudy skies and tiny waves. The following 'Luminate 09'  images of the opening ceremony, fire twirlers,  performers and a captivated audience reflects the 'organic' nature of proceedings duly presenting  some visually exciting and photographically challenging … [Read more...]