Japanese Acupuncture relieves my Acute Lower Back Pain Immediately

Last Monday week an innocuous incident saw me dropped by a severe case of lower back pain. Years of pre-acupuncture physical toil, harvesting potatoes and picking fruit has taken it's toll on my body, leaving me with a susceptible lower back. For the last 5 years regular acupuncture treatment and … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture, Infants, New Babies, Dolphins and the Beach

Hi There, Today's Japanese Acupuncture post is primarily pictorial. Images of infant patients, new born prodigy of existing patients, dolphins at play, the beach and the ocean were all captured in the last week. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Wishing you … [Read more...]

Images from the Beach

Greetings and Salutations, Yesterday I took some time out to go wandering on a deserted beach south of Byron Bay, NSW. Looming storm clouds and a very swift on-shore breeze ensured a sincere lack of humanity, timing was perfect as the rain started to belt down not long after returning to my … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture travels from Oz to Japan

Here a some images of my recent journey to Japan to visit Japanese master practitioner Masakazu Ikeda. Hope you enjoy ! Lotsa, Alan 'StarClass',  Japan keen patient Dan advised that I might upgrade at check in for A$250, after over an hour in the queue I thought it was a great idea. Northern … [Read more...]

Life, Death and Japanese Acupuncture

After a short, sharp session of Strewbee, “Fabulous Flying Fabric Frisbee” in the park outside clinic at ‘The Gabba’ in Brisbane, my students and I commenced a very enjoyable, comfortably busy Saturday morning in clinic. After finishing clinic around 1.15 pm, we ‘chowed’ (ate) down our tucker … [Read more...]

24 Years Practicing Acupuncture

In 1984 I arrived in the town of Gatton, not quite 100 miles south-west of the Queensland state capital, Brisbane, Australia. I had completed the majority of my acupuncture studies and an old friend had assured me that there would be a strong demand for my services in this archetypal country … [Read more...]

Life Is A Beach

Hope you enjoy these images taken at Hastings Point, Nthn. NSW, Australia last Monday morning. Kind Regards, Alan … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture Workshop Dates for 2008

G'Day, Against my better judgement I went down the coast to Hastings Point in Northern NSW for a surf this morning. Snared this shot of Craig after having 9'2" of surfboard wipe the smile of my left cheek. the one I sit on....ouch! All but the New Zealand dates have been finalized for 2008 … [Read more...]

Autumn Images from Rainbow Bay, Australia.

Hope you have had a revitalizing break. Some images from my hood and thereabouts as summer says it's goodbyes. Lotsa, Alan … [Read more...]

Qi of Music

I was going to do an educational post? But I have ducked out to gather a few ocean action images. Hope you enjoy these. Have a good 1, Alan … [Read more...]