The Perfect Marker Pen For Moxibustion Practitioners

Turns out, it’s the retractable Sharpie Permanent Marker.

sharpie clicky

Seriously, it’s perfect for so many reasons:

Number 1 Biggest Reason: It’s Reusably Sterile!

This attribute appears to apply to the entire Sharpie Permanent Marker range. Apparently, the ink contains a solvent called n-propanol, which is capable of killing MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

The Sharpies were tested alongside specially-made-for-surgery skin markers, which were found to be permanently contaminated after a single exposure. Of course, the ink can only sterilise the tip – the rest of the pen would have to be sterilised by conventional means following a significant pathogenic exposure.

2. Highly Toxic To MRSA, But Non-Toxic For Humans

You might reasonably wonder whether the chemical potency of the Sharpie indicates that it is unsafe for use on humans. Wonder no more, as it’s certified non-toxic.

This is not to say that it is impossible for someone to have a sensitivity reaction to the ink. However, given the minute quantities of ink used in moxa marking, it’s highly unlikely that even a very sensitive person would become ill from it.

3. It’s Way Cheaper Than Surgical Skin Marker Pens

One-time-use skin markers are pretty expensive. This one costs $10AUD.

By contrast, a pack of three retractable Sharpies costs $9.35AUD.

There’s also the issue of delivery. A lot of people do not have easy, local access to a surgical supply store to buy a skin marker. Delivery costs can easily double the price of a surgical marker.

The Sharpie, though? It’s as far away as your nearest post office. No delivery required.

4. No More Purple Fingers

One of the most annoying things about gentian violet surgical markers is that the ink gets everywhere. It doesn’t take much moxibustion before your fingers are stained like a winemaker’s.

In comparison, I’ve found the Sharpie ink stays exactly where you put it – on the patient.

It will wash off them fairly easily once they get in the shower, too.

5. It’s Clicky!

I love clicky-top pens, because I hate the slow, two-handed awkwardness of removable cap pens.

Serious moxibustion can be time-consuming. Anything that can shave any time off the procedure is gold. The faster you can work, the more treatment you can deliver.

Plus, the retractable nib always goes cleanly back into the barrel without smearing ink on the pen. You can keep this pen in your nice white dress-shirt pocket without fear.

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