Putting More Prosperity into Acupuncture Practice in 2008


Wishing you much prosperity and contentment for this the New Year of the Rat.

Phew what a start to the year….flat out like a lizard drinking!

Much has been happening behind the scenes.

I have recorded the first in a series of audio interviews with practitioners from around the world.

Adam from San Diego gives us an insight into his first years in practice as does Houng from Sydney with many more to come.

All I have to do now is learn how to edit audio….simple, you might say?

Well maybe not so simple if you are doing it for the first time as I have with everything related to the world acupuncture blog.

As I write this post on my laptop, I am also uploading video from my camcorder, so there will be a bunch of new videos hitting the blog over the next month or so.

There is also some great footage of Tash treating in her country practice on the North Coast of NSW, Australia.

I have sacrificed the aesthetics of the site for clarity and have provided the mega size screen for viewing video posts.

If you like super high quality full screen video just download the VEOH TV software.

As I mentioned in my previous post Andy Rosenfarb from New Jersey has launched his inspirational home study course and headed of to the awesome waves of Mexico for his ocean fix after seeing 216 patients in one week during January amongst other things, like writing a book!!!

I will be conducting a series of workshops this year, for practitioners/students who wish to integrate Meridian Therapy into their TCM practice.

More about that tomorrow.


Greenmount, Gold Coast,Australia.

All the Best,


About Alan

Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. As a staunch advocate of practically based workshops, Alan draws upon his 35 years clinical experience and 23 years post and undergraduate teaching. Alan has presented, convened and hosted more than 70 Traditional Japanese Acupuncture workshops in Australia, Europe, and USA.

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