More Luminations from New Zealand

Greetings on another amazing summers day at Rainbow Bay.

After an extrememly pleasant surf this morning I thought it appropriate prior to my departure to Bris Vegas and a busy afternoon in clinic to post a few more images from NZ and Luminate 09.

Hope you enjoy.



img2009-01-29-122807_edit_blogOn the move past The Enchanted Tree

img2009-01-29-123220_edit_blogLoosening up for the main event

img2009-01-30-081630_edit_blogIt’s That Tree again

img2009-01-30-081642_edit_blogNew neighbors, surrounded by the best British Ambassadors

img2009-01-30-082355_edit_blogThe Enchanted Tree does it again

img2009-01-30-082707_edit_blog Rock n a Flower


img2009-01-30-091819_edit_blogGerar states the case for attitude, still smiling.

For more of Gerar’s amazing images and philosophical meanderings go to

img2009-01-30-092020_edit_blogHealing Zone and Artists accommodation. Definitely a no sleep zone when the festival proper got underway

img2009-01-30-092117_edit_edit Stage front n center, the scene of some brilliant Music !

img2009-01-30-094821_edit_blogDa boyz  settin up in da heat


Enough Said!

More Images Tomorrow, in the meantime I hope you have a good time.

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