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Welcome to one of World Acupuncture’s last posts before Christmas 2008.

Firstly and most importantly I would like to say a BIG thank you for participating in the inaugural year of, it has been a virtual adventure to say the least.

Finally we have just about sorted all the bits and pieces for the World Acupuncture membership site and I anticipate a full launch early in the New Year.

As a reader of this blog I would like to offer you an early bird membership rate of $9.95 per month ( 33cents per day ).

This offer includes for a limited period, complimentary One On One phone/skype mentoring, a service that is proving to be invaluable to practitioners, world wide.

Both Sarica and Lo have benefited enormously from a unique service that has evolved  from demand rather than plan, to find out more please click on the links below.

Sarica from Arizona

Lo from Sydney

To take advantage of this special offer please CLICK HERE NOW.

I am also pleased to announce a very special price for Masakazu Ikeda sensei’s workshop series of DVD’s.

You can save up to $100 by purchasing prior to Xmas 2008 please CLICK HERE.

Masakazu Ikeda sensei has demonstrated to a number of privileged students and practitioners of Traditional Acupuncture/Japanese Acupuncture/Meridian based Acupuncture through potent and pertinent clinical skills, knowledge, understanding and awareness of the power and versatility of Traditional Acupuncture in clinic.

I am extremely grateful to have been influenced by this master acupuncturist.

Upon viewing these 2 landmark series of educational DVD’s, you will understand why I rate Ikeda sensei so highly.
Masakazu Ikeda sensei is a true master of the art of acupuncture and he also brings to the table an extreme knowledge of herbal medicine.

These 2 DVD series are without question the most powerful, practical and clearly explained audio visual educational tools for Traditional Acupuncture that I have had the pleasure of viewing!


If you would like to turbocharge your clinical repertoire and refine your skills knowledge and understanding the practice of meridian-based traditional acupuncture that draws massively upon an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Zang Fu and their interconnectedness with meridians or channels, these DVDs will definitely be a winner.

Please don’t beat about the bush this offer expires on December 25th, 2008!
To save up to $100 today, please CLICK HERE NOW.

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Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. As a staunch advocate of practically based workshops, Alan draws upon his 35 years clinical experience and 23 years post and undergraduate teaching. Alan has presented, convened and hosted more than 70 Traditional Japanese Acupuncture workshops in Australia, Europe, and USA.

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