Japanese Acupuncture for Infants

It may not look like much is happening here, but if you have been watching and listening to our videos you may be aware of the results that we get in clinic using gentle, fast, non retention Japanese Acupuncture needling. Children and Infants respond even better to this style of acupuncture point and meridian stimulation.

Treatment for infants usually involves non insertion, non retention command point stimulation according to the syndrome pattern and massage of the Yang Ming, Shao Yang and Tai Yang in accordance with the syndrom pattern.

In our experience, these treatments can effectively treat sleep disturbances, digestive complaints, propensities to contract illnesses and promotes robust general health in infants and young children.

Visit our Japanese Acupuncture learning program page to delve into studying these techniques.


  1. My background is in the chiropractic field, and I know how effective it can be for infants to be adjusted. I was not aware that infants could benefit from acupuncture, but it makes sense to me. I’m glad to see that you’re providing this information to the public.

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