Is There An Alternative To Painful Acupuncture Treatment?

When Is NO publicity Better Than Any Publicity?

Perth, Australia –

Jelena Jankovic said on Wednesday that her body’s quick-fire healing reflex could see her through an upper hamstring injury suffered at the Hopman Cup.

“I respond well to treatment,” said the 22-year-old ranked third in the world. “I certainly want to be at my best for the Australian Open.”

“I will just have to see. I was screaming in the locker room when they gave me acupuncture, all of those needles going in…”

“But I’ll do anything to get healthy again.”

SERBIAN star Jelena Jankovic moaned, bellowed and berated her acupuncturist in a bizarre postscript to her nation’s win over France in Perth yesterday.

Jankovic was not angry with the acupuncturist, rather she “hated the needles” used to treat a buttock injury that forced her withdrawal from a singles rubber against Tatiana Golovin after just one game.

But while Golovin and 2001 Australian Open finalist Arnaud Clement were baffled by Jankovic during the doubles, they were initially bemused and then increasingly amused when their post-tie press conference was repeatedly interrupted by the screaming Serbian receiving treatment nearby.

The French pair exchanged bewildered looks, smiles and a joke as Jankovic yelled:

Owww, that hurts!”

Some say any publicity is better than no publicity, in this instance I must digress.

Hope there is much good in your world.


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