Infant Acupuncture for Tummy Pain at Night


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Luca is just 11 weeks old and has received 3 Infant Acupuncture treatments so far to alleviate colic type wind pain at night only.

Another case of parental sleep deprivation!

Frustratingly he improves for the night after treatment then relapses again.

I have recommended that his parents seek the assistance of a medical practitioner to ascertain the cause of the little fella’s tummy woes, endogenous or exogenous or a combination of both?

Bottom line is he responds to treatment but for a limited time only.

There is the distinct possibility that I am applying an inappropriate root treatment and I am considering the possibility of changing from a Liver Root treatment to a Spleen root treatment.

I have been led to believe that whilst the meridians are active at Luca’s age the points are not clinically significant, however my clinical experience challenges this belief and I have found children’s response to treatment can vary significantly depending on the root treatment applied.

I am continually surprised by the response of children and infants to the most minimal stimulation.

Hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoy giving the treatment.

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