Ikeda Sensei’s Latest Book

Ikeda sensei book coverIkeda Sensei is one of the most prolific authors on Oriental Medicine. Unfortunately for westerners, most of Sensei’s written work is only available in Japanese.

Some of Sensei’s work is being translated into English by very scholarly practitioners. This is slow painstaking work, owing to the brilliantly dense and technical nature of Ikeda Sensei’s writing.

Another translation has been completed recently, and it’s amazing! Please take a look:

Integration of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine: Theory and Practice

This book is for acupuncturists AND herbalists – you only need one of these skillsets to learn an enormous amount from this book.

However, if you are both an acupuncturist and a herbalist: Happy Birthday!!! 🙂 This one’s definitely for you.

Huge thanks and congratulations to Noriko Nagato L.Ac., Anna Cheung L.Ac. and Yumiko Bamba L.Ac. for their fantastic work in bringing Sensei’s wisdom to the west!


  1. Thanks for providing this information this information helps a lot but my on view on Acupuncture is a traditional form of oriental medicine which originated in China and is being practiced by therapists all over the world now. Acupuncture treatment consists of inserting very fine needles at
    specific points on the skin, which are located near nerve endings. The acupuncture points are located along the 12 identified channels (meridians) through which the vital energy(Qi) and blood flows in the body.
    Thanks a lot once again.:)

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