From Debilitating Low Back Pain to Morocco in 4 Treatments

Lynn is currently in Morocco, in this video she explains how articulate acupuncture helped her to go on holidays pain free.
I am busy as a blue a..ed fly, getting it together for the launch of the new resource/networking site by June very,very steep learning curve (please be patient). Also crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s for my forthcoming workshops in New Jersey June 21st/22nd and San Diego June 28th/29th not to mention clinical practice and heaps of surfing.
Hope all is well in your world.
Catchya soon,

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Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. As a staunch advocate of practically based workshops, Alan draws upon his 35 years clinical experience and 23 years post and undergraduate teaching. Alan has presented, convened and hosted more than 70 Traditional Japanese Acupuncture workshops in Australia, Europe, and USA.


  1. Janet004 says

    I have to say that acupuncture is an incredible treatment for pain. Not only do scientific trials back this up ( but I can say from experience that acupuncture successfully treats my intermittent knee pain and weakness in a single 2 minute treatment. I go in feeling like my knees are going to give out on me and I come out with no pain at all. It’s amazing!!!

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