Fiery Musical Luminations from Luminate 09

Greetings n Salutations,

This will be my final post regarding the Luminate 09 Music and Lifestyle Festival.

I must confess !

On the final night in the midst of an inspirational  set by Adham Shaikh, who’s music and my desire to capture pertinent images of Adham in full swing was my primary motivation for attending the festival, I lost a memory card containing 300 images of many of the artists and performers including Adham’s day set on the Sunday and Miharangi’ s powerful set on Saturday night plus a comprehensive  pictorial social commentary of the main 48 hrs of the festival.

Despite the commendable efforts of the organizers of Luminate 09 on my behalf the memory card is just that, A Memory!

So here goes for some pictorial highlights of the final icy cold evening of the Luminate 09 Festival, we certainly needed warming up and as you can see from the following images we were warmed up PLUS, PLUS, PLUS!

Much Gratitude To All Concerned……..

Hope you are well n happy.



img2009-02-02-142542_edit_blogDa Boyz Responsible for Awesome Sound n Lighting

img2009-02-02-182822_edit_blogIsis Luminating

img2009-02-02-182839_edit_blogFind Isis

img2009-02-02-191536_edit_blogPlenty of Fire was needed on what was the Coldest Night by far

img2009-02-02-191604_editblogWarming Up

img2009-02-02-191615_edit_blogA lil Warmer

img2009-02-02-191653_edit_blogAnd The Heat Is On

img2009-02-02-191840_edit_blogFiring Up, Fo Sho

img2009-02-02-191850_edit_blogFired Up n Dangerous

img2009-02-02-184740_edit_blogAdham Shaikh came directly from a freezing Canadian Winter and Still it was Cold Enough for Him to don Headwear to start his set

img2009-02-02-193459_edit_blogGetting Things Movin

img2009-02-02-204625_edit_blogHeadwear gone and the heat in the Kitchen is Rising

img2009-02-02-204630_edit_blogIt’s All in the Headphones?


img2009-02-02-204850_edit_blogAnd Firing Right Up

img2009-02-02-212130_edit_2_blogThose Headphones Again

img2009-02-02-212218_edit_blogAn Extra Ordinary Performance

img2009-02-02-210154_edit_blogFocus, Focus, Focus

img2009-02-02-210308_edit_2_blogI Think Adham is Enjoying Himself ?

img2009-02-02-213434_edit_blogNot A T-Shirt in Sight

img2009-02-02-213558_edit_blogComparing Notes

img2009-02-02-212613_edit_blogMirror Ball, Mirror Ball, who played the most Awesome Set of All ?

img2009-02-02-215635_edit_blog1 1 am, Heading Back to Oz  and I could not help myself…

img2009-02-02-215639_edit_blogThe Fiery Ones Put on an Amazing Show


img2009-02-02-215714_edit_blogWay to Go

img2009-02-02-215731_edit_blogYowsers, How Talented Are These Performers !

img2009-02-02-215738_edit_blogAnd The Show Goes On

img2009-02-02-215743_edit_blogConcentric Circles of Fire, No Doubt


img2009-02-02-215805_blogDouble Ditto

img2009-02-02-215816_blog The End of One Helluva Show

img2009-02-02-221313_edit_blog2 am Tuesday Morning and the Sentry Fire Burns  2 kilometers Down the Road from the stage.  Arrived Back in Oz at 4.30 pm, slightly Jaded but Satiated and Distinctly Inspired !

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