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Hope y’all well n happy. Here is an update from my friend marooned in central Asia without her passport.

Further insights available by reading her original mail posted on November 22nd.


We are fine, although feel as though we are moving further away from civilization and warm weather, rather than moving back into it anytime soon! We are still stuck in Kyrgyzstan, not surprising really, as this place just doesn’t seem to want to let us go!

While we were waiting for my new passport we decided rather than hang around in the city, we’d head up the mountains and go snowboarding – was awesome.

We headed up last Wed and came back just yesterday, so we could pick up my passport today – ha, what joke that was.

I have just checked emails and surprise, surprise, there was an urgent email from the NZ embassy in London saying that they hadn’t yet sent my passport off as they didn’t receive the new forwarding address, which I sent on Mon last week – arrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

What next?!

Can’t believe this situation, it’s starting to feel as though we will never get out of this place.

Anyway, back to the positive – snowboarding………………………..perfect weather, good powder and cheap!

If you want to get into it, this is the place, but don’t loose your passport!!

We paid 400som a day for board, boot hire (US$12) each, 100som (US$3) for accommodation which was right on the field in an old train carriage, very simple, no showers, hot water etc, but location – PERFECT.

The cost of the T-bar was 200som (US$6), if there were 4people or more, if it was just the two of us, which it was most of the time, we had to pay 400 som (US$12).

Soooooooooooo cheap, was great! It’s crazy to have the whole field to ourselves, never had that before.

So that pretty much wraps it up, will keep you updated with the situation, ha, everyday is an adventure over here, that’s for sure.

Enjoy the surf……………………………………………………and balmy days………………………….

lots of love xxxxxx

Talking about making the most of a difficult situation. Loosing ones passport way, way out west can have a positive side, just have to recognize the possibilities and be willing to take advantage of changing circumstances. Catchya later, Alan

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