Dad Had a Heart Attack plus Diabetes, Any Suggestions ?

Hey Alan,

How r u?

Have u been dancing and vodka partying over Easter???!!
Unfortunately, it hasn’t been so good here.

My dad surprised me with a heart attack so I’ve been sightseeing hospitals for the past week.

It’s very hard to c my dad so fragile, but he is alive w small scar on his heart and sadly they discovered diabetes.

I‚Äôve been doing a couple of kid xu tx , because his blood pressure is very high + they injecting iodine during the surgery and shunting st36…any tips ??

Hi xxxxx,

Not such a nice surprise for you !!!!

No dancing, no vodka, very, very laid back for me.

Knowing you as I do, I assume your father is either Lung and/or Kidney Yin Deficient constitution.

Unsure about Liver, you will need to clarify if there is a chronic pathological excess, non pathological constitutional excess or deficiency.

Chances are there will be some acute excess as a result of surgery, anesthetic, medication etc.

I would suggest Liv.14 initially, nothing too strong!

Ki.2 would be a very handy addition to the standard Kidney root Rx Lu.5 – Ki.10.

The addition Sp.8 can also be beneficial when treating patients with diabetes.

If there is excessive St. Heat you might consider shunting St.44 but St.36 is always a good option.

Don’t forget the obvious like CV.4.

Front mu points where indicated by palpation will help stabilize his condition.

Not sure about his pulses but some light scatter needling on the upper back may be beneficial plus it should feel good for him.

Of course the relative back shu points when accessible are a vital part of treatment.

If there is much heat in the upper jiao after performing the root treatment you might also consider using Pe.4.

Please stay in touch and let me know how things go and as best you can, get some rest!

Kind Regards and plentiful salutations,


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