Tonetskyu in Sintra, Portugal

Tonetskyu, Sintra, Portugal VIDEO Rice grain moxibustion is an awesome healing modality, refined and developed in Japan centuries ago, it is as potent and effective today as it was then. … [Read more...]

The Perfect Marker Pen For Moxibustion Practitioners

Turns out, it's the retractable Sharpie Permanent Marker. Seriously, it's perfect for so many reasons: Number 1 Biggest Reason: It's Reusably Sterile! This attribute appears to apply to the entire Sharpie Permanent Marker range. Apparently, the ink contains a solvent called n-propanol, … [Read more...]

Explaining Moxibustion To Your Patients

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Moxibustion in Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture approaches moxibustion very differently to orthodox TCM. In this short video Adam talks about the application of Chinetskyu or Heat perception Platform Moxibustion. A little controversial and definitely entertaining Adam on Chinetskyu Moxibustion … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture and Safe Ondan Moxibustion

In Japanese Acupuncture we often use Ondan rather than crude moxa for needle head moxibustion. Using tape to stabilize the protective cardboard guards is essential in many situations as clearly demonstrated in the images below. … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture, Needle Head Moxibustion

Needle Head Moxibustion Musculoskeletal problems are some of the most common disorders many acupuncturists see in clinic. Most practitioners know that effective treatments can be performed by needling ahshi points locally and distally along the meridian. What many practitioners don’t know, is how … [Read more...]

What’s going on with Japanese Acupuncture and

Japanese Acupuncture and We have been working diligently behind the scenes on an extensive upgrade of your specialist Japanese Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy website . As usual this process has taken much longer than we had anticipated, but we are … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture treatment for severe respiratory condition.

Japanese Acupuncture treatment for severe respiratory condition. Welcome to the latest Japanese acupuncture video update brought to you by . I'm writing to you as I sit at my desk at Rainbow Bay having immersed myself in the ocean for a good 2 1/2 hours this morning, … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture Latest Videos

We are continuing to revamp the Japanese Acupuncture content at and are planning some major design upgrades to help make it even easier for our members to utilize. Many of these changes should be in effect by the end of the year and the World Acupuncture team … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture Video Updates

At we focus on the clinical practice of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. We were deeply inspired by Mizutani Junji Sensei's workshop on rice grain moxibustion last month. So much so that we are dedicating this entire month of videos to rice grain … [Read more...]