What you might not but perhaps should know about Japanese Acupuncture

I really want to communicate to you the diversity of Japanese acupuncture treatment. Many patients are under the mistaken impression that acupuncture is only good for relieving pain, musculoskeletal problems and fertility treatments. I would just like to recount 5 short case histories to help … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture works for a sporting legend?

Good to see acupuncture get a bit of positive press, albeit miniscule, especially when it involves one of Australia's sporting legends. Rumor has it Matthew Hayden actually enjoys his Japanese Acupuncture treatment very much and his general health n well-being seems to benefit. Might be a bit of … [Read more...]

Emma Snowsill, Olympic Gold Medalist talks about Japanese Acupuncture and better health

Just about everyone has heard that acupuncture is good for pain, headaches, lower back problems etc. But few, including many of my colleagues in Acupuncture and Allied Modalities realize how potent skillfully applied acupuncture can be in promoting better health and in the case of Olympic Gold … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture Healing Potential

One of the greatest challenges facing me as a practitioner of Japanese acupuncture is effectively communicating it's clinical diversity and power. I believe the best way to do that is to inform you about some of the clinical case histories and challenges confronting those seeking treatment to … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture,Meridian Therapy preferred by elite tennis professional

A warm welcome, especially to our Japanese Acupuncture/ Meridian Therapy/ Traditional Acupuncture colleagues ensconced in the depth of a freezing cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It has taken me some time to get into gear for 2010. The latter part of our spring and the first part of summer … [Read more...]

Effective Japanese Acupuncture Diagnostic Protocols

Japanese Acupuncture diagnostic protocols can be incredibly effective in assisting to fine tune treatments to suit the individual patient and their current condition. There is no question in my mind that the most vital aspect of effective Traditional Japanese Acupuncture treatment is what we know … [Read more...]

Daniel Kowalski uses Japanese Acupuncture and Breaks 3 World Records

One week ago retired Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist, Daniel Kowalski broke 3 world records at the Australian Masters Swimming titles. In this post we have a video interview with Daniel and I have provided a little of his successful history with Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. In late … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture 2009

I hope 2009 thus far has been as kind to you as it has too me. Clinic has been busy and there seems to be a much more optimistic air about the place. David, Adam,Andrew and Efrat,  day one clinic 2009. The last three months of 2008 saw very little rideable surf and constant onshore winds … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture for Severe Hangover

What an extraordinary couple of weeks it has been! Once again I have been challenged on the virtual front. Clinically however, it has been a very rewarding period with many challenges and some positive treatment outcomes. On Monday I treated Vivian who had a few extra champagnes on the previous … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture for Health and Vitality

Hello , I hope you and yours are enjoying good health and soaking up some of our new found spring warmth. Have you or do you know someone who has been suffering with or struggling to recover from a bout of the flu? If Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is effective for elite athletes under immense … [Read more...]