Acupuncture, Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Hello, Hope all is well in your world. Most definitely busy in mine. Firstly the¬† Romi and Megan stories, as 2 full term mums put the heat on acupuncture to induce the delivery their babies 'NOW !' Secondly the 'Debra Betts Pregnancy and Childbirth Workshop' held in Brisbane over the weekend and a … [Read more...]

Infant Acupuncture Treatment Outcome for Chronic Chest Congestion/Maternal Sleep Deprivation

G'Day, At last, back online with a brand new address, updated version of wordpress and some very interesting clinical case histories not to mention the launch of the WorldAcupuncture website and the forthcoming Japanese Acupuncture Workshops in Brisbane, Australia on May 17th, New Jersey 21st/22nd … [Read more...]

Rice Grain Moxibustion for Morning Sickness

Demonstration rice grain moxibustion for morning sickness. Hope you have a gud 1, Alan Online Videos by … [Read more...]

Yang nourishes Yin

The oriental medical art of moxibustion also known as kyutoshin clearly demonstrates the ancient daoist tenure in a clinical setting, 'Yang nourishes Yin and Yin gives form to Yang' A very short video for the day...... Online Videos by … [Read more...]

Acupuncture for Violent Morning Sickness

G'Day, We have just celebrated Australia day down under with a public holiday and a long weekend. I took the opportunity to travel a few hundred kilometers down the coast to visit Tash an ex student/colleague who has set up practice in the beautiful country village of Bellingen. Tash was called … [Read more...]

Acupuncture for Pregnancy Complicated by a Severe Cough

Hiya Al, I have a client in her 14th week of pregnancy. She is getting over a bad cold consisting of a lot of congestion and coughing. The congestion is all but gone, but I cannot seem to touch the coughing. She presents with a Spleen xu presentation and I had been doing P5/SP5 while shunting … [Read more...]

Welcome Johana

What a beautiful outcome as I realize yet again, just how much I have to learn. Congratulations Kelly and Ed. Absolutely marvelous result! Many plaudits to Kelly, Ed and the staff at Tweed Heads Hospital, a great job well done. … [Read more...]

Acupuncture Treatment for Morning Sickness

    Adam I would like to answer a few questions about acupuncture treatment for morning sickness that I recently received from my colleague, Adam Gries. in San Diego. The questions concern a video, the link to said video was a part of my post of … [Read more...]

Traditional Acupuncture Successfully Treats Nausea and Morning Sickness

Hello and very warm welcome to what in all likelihood will be my 2nd last post for 2007. After spending a majority of yesterday on my computer, in fact I was up after midnight, my very first video post is available now. Please cut and paste either of these links into the address bar of your web … [Read more...]

Pre and Post Natal Care with Traditional Acupuncture

A very special present for Steve, Jackie and big brother Jarvis, one Austin presented himself to the world last Thursday. This is the same Austin that did his best to be born prematurely mid November.   To see relevant post November 30th. Click on link below image...... ' Jackie had … [Read more...]