Japanese Acupuncture treatment for severe respiratory condition.

Japanese Acupuncture treatment for severe respiratory condition. Welcome to the latest Japanese acupuncture video update brought to you by http://worldacupuncture.com . I'm writing to you as I sit at my desk at Rainbow Bay having immersed myself in the ocean for a good 2 1/2 hours this morning, … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture workshop in Prague successful

Judging by feedback the Japanese Acupuncture workshop held in Prague last weekend was a roaring success. To this end much of the credit must be given to my interpreter and event organiser Renata Sotova. Her commitment and persistence knows few limitations, overcoming many obstacles prior to and … [Read more...]

Emma Snowsill, Olympic Gold Medalist talks about Japanese Acupuncture and better health

Just about everyone has heard that acupuncture is good for pain, headaches, lower back problems etc. But few, including many of my colleagues in Acupuncture and Allied Modalities realize how potent skillfully applied acupuncture can be in promoting better health and in the case of Olympic Gold … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture benefits victims of the Chilean earthquake

Japanese acupuncture was used to benefit victims of the Chilean earthquake earlier this year. How did this come to pass? In my practice of Japanese acupuncture I am invariably accompanied by a student/assistant during treatment. There are three good reasons. 1. Most important being that the … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture and Palliative Care update

In my last blog post regarding Japanese acupuncture and palliative care I mentioned that I had targeted the Spleen Meridian/complex as the most deficient and this simplified  treatment demonstrably. Robyn has been dependent upon nausea medication for some time, so I was delighted to find out that … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture and Palliative Care

Japanese Acupuncture and Palliative Care might seem an unusual combination but my clinical experience strongly suggests that there may be some significant positive clinical outcomes as a result of judicious treatment. Robyn A grandmother in her late 60s who has been sadly diagnosed as suffering … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture Healing Potential

One of the greatest challenges facing me as a practitioner of Japanese acupuncture is effectively communicating it's clinical diversity and power. I believe the best way to do that is to inform you about some of the clinical case histories and challenges confronting those seeking treatment to … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture and TCM

Japanese Acupuncture is distinctly different in application from it's 2nd cousin TCM. In response to a question posted on the http://worldacupuncture.com forum I am re running this blogpost in an effort to distinguish the difference in the application of Japanese Acupuncture and TCM. Although each … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture,Meridian Therapy preferred by elite tennis professional

A warm welcome, especially to our Japanese Acupuncture/ Meridian Therapy/ Traditional Acupuncture colleagues ensconced in the depth of a freezing cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It has taken me some time to get into gear for 2010. The latter part of our spring and the first part of summer … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture relieves my Acute Lower Back Pain Immediately

Last Monday week an innocuous incident saw me dropped by a severe case of lower back pain. Years of pre-acupuncture physical toil, harvesting potatoes and picking fruit has taken it's toll on my body, leaving me with a susceptible lower back. For the last 5 years regular acupuncture treatment and … [Read more...]