Japanese Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain in Prague.

You are welcome to check out this short Video about Acupuncture for Lower back pain. From Japanese Acupuncture workshop in Prague. The full video tutorials are available on http:www.worldacupuncture.com All the best in practice and life, Alan J. … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture relieves my Acute Lower Back Pain Immediately

Last Monday week an innocuous incident saw me dropped by a severe case of lower back pain. Years of pre-acupuncture physical toil, harvesting potatoes and picking fruit has taken it's toll on my body, leaving me with a susceptible lower back. For the last 5 years regular acupuncture treatment and … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture for Severe Acute Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Using Japanese Acupuncture last night I had the privilege of treating my brand-new next-door neighbor for excruciating lower back pain and sciatica. Although Keiron had only just moved in and would only be staying for a week his plight became known to me in general conversation. He was already … [Read more...]

Daniel Kowalski uses Japanese Acupuncture and Breaks 3 World Records

One week ago retired Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist, Daniel Kowalski broke 3 world records at the Australian Masters Swimming titles. In this post we have a video interview with Daniel and I have provided a little of his successful history with Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. In late … [Read more...]

Life, Death and Japanese Acupuncture

After a short, sharp session of Strewbee, “Fabulous Flying Fabric Frisbee” in the park outside clinic at ‘The Gabba’ in Brisbane, my students and I commenced a very enjoyable, comfortably busy Saturday morning in clinic. After finishing clinic around 1.15 pm, we ‘chowed’ (ate) down our tucker … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture and Severe Pain

Greetings one and all, A very happy patient recently reported that Japanese Acupuncture significantly relieved her severe lower back, hip & neck pain, resolved her diabolical sleep pattern and restored her sense of well-being in only 3 treatments ! Chris first attended Acupuncture clinic on … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture in the Himalayas

G'Day, Hope all is well in your world and prosperity in all it's forms is your constant companion. I received this email from our traveling colleague, Jenni and thought the sentiments expressed within well worth posting ? Hope you enjoy, I sure did! Kind regards, Alan Not the Himalayas, South … [Read more...]

From Debilitating Low Back Pain to Morocco in 4 Treatments

Lynn is currently in Morocco, in this video she explains how articulate acupuncture helped her to go on holidays pain free. I am busy as a blue a..ed fly, getting it together for the launch of the new resource/networking site by June very,very steep learning curve (please be patient). Also crossing … [Read more...]

Acupuncture Turns Patient’s Life Around

G'day One and All, Hope life is going swimmingly for you. I sent a newsletter out to patient's, students and practitioners yesterday entitled 'Why I Do What I Do', a brief insight into my motivation and an explanation as to why I am still practicing Acupuncture after 25 years at the coalface. In … [Read more...]

Acupuncture Provides Spontaneous Relief From Lower Back Pain

Chris is a self employed builder by trade, time equals income and with a family to support he needed assistance to get back on his feet immediately. Meridian based acupuncture once again justified the faith that both he as a patient and myself as a practitioner place in it. This clinical outcome … [Read more...]