Infant Acupuncture for Teething Pain and Restless Sleep

The 4th Infant Acupuncture Treatment for Ruby's Teething Pain, Restless Sleep and Maternal Sleep Deprivation. Ruby is right on to it, assisting me throughout the treatment! You can also hear what Grandma has to say about all this! Online Videos by … [Read more...]

Infant Acupuncture Treatment Outcome for Chronic Chest Congestion/Maternal Sleep Deprivation

G'Day, At last, back online with a brand new address, updated version of wordpress and some very interesting clinical case histories not to mention the launch of the WorldAcupuncture website and the forthcoming Japanese Acupuncture Workshops in Brisbane, Australia on May 17th, New Jersey 21st/22nd … [Read more...]

Infant Acupuncture for Teething

G'Day, This is the 3rd in a series of Infant Acupuncture videos recorded in the past week. Ruby is besieged by teething pain and restless sleep during the night. Mum is slowly going demented. Ruby is responding well to treatment and will be coming into clinic again today. Online Videos by … [Read more...]

Infant Acupuncture for Tummy Pain at Night

G'Day, Hope all is well in your world. Luca is just 11 weeks old and has received 3 Infant Acupuncture treatments so far to alleviate colic type wind pain at night only. Another case of parental sleep deprivation! Frustratingly he improves for the night after treatment then relapses again. I … [Read more...]

Infant Acupuncture for Chest Congestion and Sleep Deprivation

G'Day, Hope all is well in your world. I am 'up to my neck in muck and bullets' preparing the WorldAcupuncture website and promotional emails for my forthcoming visit to the States. Have missed surfing for the last 3 days as a result...ugh! Busy day in clinic today. This is the first of 3 … [Read more...]