Acupuncture Provides Spontaneous Relief From Lower Back Pain

Chris is a self employed builder by trade, time equals income and with a family to support he needed assistance to get back on his feet immediately. Meridian based acupuncture once again justified the faith that both he as a patient and myself as a practitioner place in it. This clinical outcome … [Read more...]

Apprehensive newbie patient reports on 2nd acupuncture treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

Dear Alan: Thank you for your e-mail. Actually,on Monday, my acupuncture practitioner said something that was really important and relevant for both you and I. She was asking me how long I was having symptoms, and it turned I was having them for a long time without knowing what they were, i.e. a … [Read more...]

Debilitating Lower Back Condition, what would you suggest to this patient?

Hi Alan! I hope you're doing well. I have an important question regarding this disc injury I have. It's a near total occlusion of the canal space around L5/S1 (originating from L4/L5). I'd say the disc tissue there is occluding about 70% of the space, just pushing the cauda equina to the side. I'm … [Read more...]

Anxious Acupuncture Patient with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Survives Initial Treatment.

Dear Alan: Thank you for recommending and encouraging me to explore acupuncture for my flagging wrists and fingers. I had my first appointment yesterday, and for someone who has an innate fear of sharp pointed objects I felt very good about it. Even though I was wound tighter than a drum, … [Read more...]