Japanese Acupuncture V Medical Acupuncture

I sent the following  email to a student and colleague, you may be interested in their replies. Dear........, Thought you might be interested to hear that I am receiving a number of reports about physio’s advertising acupuncture as distinct from dry needling. Also, you might be interested in this … [Read more...]

Effective Japanese Acupuncture Diagnostic Protocols

Japanese Acupuncture diagnostic protocols can be incredibly effective in assisting to fine tune treatments to suit the individual patient and their current condition. There is no question in my mind that the most vital aspect of effective Traditional Japanese Acupuncture treatment is what we know … [Read more...]

How Acupuncture Works Part 001

G'Day from Down Under, I hope this post finds you well and happy. I definitely feel better after 2 1/2 hrs of surfing in the most delightful conditions, below you will find the beginnings of my explanation of the above question. This post is a copy of a recent newsletter sent to my patients, … [Read more...]

Why Traditional Japanese Acupuncture?

Greetings n Salutations, Here are some very good reasons why you might choose Japanese Acupuncture, as a patient and/or student. Two very different emails about the tradition of Acupuncture, one from a student and the other from a patient Whilst I am very grateful to be the  subject of their … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and Chemotherapy

Greetings from Rainbow Bay on a Magnificent Summer Sunday morning, Even at 5am today (that is just light), the surf was crowded, whilst the waves are of significant of size and proportion, I find it somewhat difficult to enjoy the level of aggressive behavior required to snare and surf a wave when … [Read more...]

Exploring Acupuncture Part 2

G'Day, This short video may help you to navigate your way through the 21st Century with less anxiety and stress. I have posted this video mainly for the benefit of my patients but I hope that all readers might benefit. This extremely simple breathing technique was taught to me some years ago by … [Read more...]

A Skeptic Doctor Endorses Acupuncture

Post courtesy of Vitalis Skiauteris, Acupuncturist from Auckland, New Zealand specialising in acupuncture for infertility and IVF . Medical researcher Dr Shaun Holt used to belong to New Zealand skeptic society, an organisation known for being critical of acupuncture. Dr Holt reviewed a lot … [Read more...]

24 Years Practicing Acupuncture

In 1984 I arrived in the town of Gatton, not quite 100 miles south-west of the Queensland state capital, Brisbane, Australia. I had completed the majority of my acupuncture studies and an old friend had assured me that there would be a strong demand for my services in this archetypal country … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture for Health and Vitality

Hello , I hope you and yours are enjoying good health and soaking up some of our new found spring warmth. Have you or do you know someone who has been suffering with or struggling to recover from a bout of the flu? If Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is effective for elite athletes under immense … [Read more...]

Acupuncture for Post Natal Depression and Recovery from Spinal Surgery

Joel Fellman of http://altMD.com offered some very compelling questions regarding Acupuncture and Health Care during Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post Birth for the mums in addition to suitability for Infants, Children and Adolescents. Your post ‚More On Acupuncture, Pregnancy and Childbirth‚ is … [Read more...]