Japanese Acupuncture and 3 cases of over zealous application

As Christmas approaches down under style, the stress of tying up all the loose ends in addition to an extraordinary dry and hot spell of weather has seen a number of my patients present to clinic energetically deflated. 3 of these patients were diagnosed as Liver yang deficiency syndrome, that is … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture, Infants, New Babies, Dolphins and the Beach

Hi There, Today's Japanese Acupuncture post is primarily pictorial. Images of infant patients, new born prodigy of existing patients, dolphins at play, the beach and the ocean were all captured in the last week. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Wishing you … [Read more...]

A Sunny Summer Sunday at Rainbow Bay

This is the reason I live where I live but population in the water demands extremely early surf sessions. As was the case last Sunday, the ocean  was producing some  magic and the hordes descended on my lil beachside village. Just a Few of Todays Crew The Boys on Hand Just In Case More Crew A Few … [Read more...]

World Acupuncture 2009

I hope 2009 thus far has been as kind to you as it has too me. Clinic has been busy and there seems to be a much more optimistic air about the place. David, Adam,Andrew and Efrat,  day one clinic 2009. The last three months of 2008 saw very little rideable surf and constant onshore winds … [Read more...]

No Longer MIA

Phew, Thank you for your patience, back online and ready to roll out more clinically orientated posts about Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. More soon, Alan … [Read more...]

Last Post USA 2008, Malibu, 4th July.

Greetings and welcome to my last post from my journey to the USA 2008. I had the good fortune to stay with Mike and Judy high on the hill behind Zuma Beach, Malibu. It just so happened that this pair of Kiwi's ( New Zealanders ) were having a party on this important day on the American calender and … [Read more...]

Aussie Acupuncturist Visits Point Dume, Malibu.

Hello and welcome to the penultimate post for my USA 2008 visit featuring some lush images of Point Dume, and Old Agoura, hope you enjoy. Ray took the day off clinic on the Wednesday and we visited the private beaches of Point Dume, some 12 miles away in Malibu. Such an amazingly aesthetic spot, … [Read more...]

Surfing at Cardiff Reef, San Diego

G'Day, The chronicles of my journey to USA are drawing to a close. I have posted a few images of the waves, mineself and erstwhile surf guides, lenders of surfboards and wetsuits, Eric and Andrea. I remain grateful for their generosity and hospitality, thanks heaps guys for providing me with an … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture Workshop, San Diego, USA

Greetings, The Japanese Acupuncture Workshop in San Diego was heaps of fun. A great crew of participants kept me on my toes for sure. 2 of the participants had attended the 2002 workshop and there was a distinctly familiar feel to the whole process, heightened by the fact that we were using the … [Read more...]

Smooooth As…………

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