Ikeda Sensei’s Latest Book

Ikeda Sensei is one of the most prolific authors on Oriental Medicine. Unfortunately for westerners, most of Sensei's written work is only available in Japanese. Some of Sensei's work is being translated into English by very scholarly practitioners. This is slow painstaking work, owing to the … [Read more...]

The Perfect Marker Pen For Moxibustion Practitioners

Turns out, it's the retractable Sharpie Permanent Marker. Seriously, it's perfect for so many reasons: Number 1 Biggest Reason: It's Reusably Sterile! This attribute appears to apply to the entire Sharpie Permanent Marker range. Apparently, the ink contains a solvent called n-propanol, … [Read more...]

Explaining Moxibustion To Your Patients

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Acupuncture used to treat Marines during deployment

Acupuncture used to treat Marines during deployment More military acupuncture! Perfect for maintaining health and keeping up morale. I think acupuncture is such a good complement to other medic skills. … [Read more...]

Japanese Acupuncture – What People Think I Do / What I Really Do

Ah..., it's a glamorous life in the Japanese Acupuncture clinic! … [Read more...]