Acupuncture with Intra Dermal Needles for Acute Injury

Jason is a Massage practitioner of great repute at the Queensland Sports Medicine Center in Brisbane, Australia, where we both work as specialist consultants in our respective modalities . He is also a committed and outrageously enthusiastic mountain bike rider, detouring on his way to work via Brisbane’s resident mountain, Mt. Cootha on a regular basis.
A couple of Thursdays ago, whist rapidly descending after ascending said mountain he endured a spectacular crash, bike and body flying in all directions resulting in a crushing impact injury to his lower leg.
Having been successfully treated with acupuncture, using intra-dermal needles on a number of earlier occasions for similar injuries, Jason to sought acupuncture treatment to encourage a rapid recovery from this rather nasty wound.
He poked his generous frame into my rooms to enquire about the possibility of treatment and a few minutes later departed with several tiny intra-dermal needles embedded in his painful and very swollen lower leg .
You can hear what he has to say about the efficacy of treatment in this interview recorded 2 days after treatment.
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