Acupuncture Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be an notoriously awkward clinical scenario.


I have been treating Leroy for almost 4 years, starting initially with weekly treatments to the present day when Leroy presents in clinic every three weeks.

By continuing preventive and maintenance treatment, Leroy has been able to maintain a very busy and successful life with just the occasional cold and nil relapses into chronic fatigue.

With the exception of treatment for colds and flu’s (maybe once a year), I address the fundamental deficiency with a Spleen Root treatment;

Tonifying Pe.7 and Sp.3 and regulating GB.40.

At one stage during treatment I used GB.41 instead of GB.40, next treatment Leroy complained vigorously regarding the relative lack of efficacy of the previous treatment.

By tonifying the Spleen, we can increase the quantity and quality of qi and blood .

The Gallbladder meridian through the point GB.40 then stimulates the circulation of the qi and blood throughout the body.

It is hard to credit that Leroy could feel any difference between the effect of the points GB.40 and 41 but in reality he perceives even the most subtle variation in treatment.

I hope this video is of assistance in helping you to understand and apply effective treatment using gentle traditional acupuncture.

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I have also included this short video of Leroy commenting on the effect of acupuncture treatment, I hope you get some idea of what is possible when we get it right.

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