Acupuncture for Pregnancy Complicated by a Severe Cough

Hiya Al,

I have a client in her 14th week of pregnancy. She is getting over a bad cold consisting of a lot of congestion and coughing.

The congestion is all but gone, but I cannot seem to touch the coughing.

She presents with a Spleen xu presentation and I had been doing P5/SP5 while shunting
LU6 (AND LU5). On the backside, I was doing appropriate back shu’s with Tonetskyu on upperback tender DU points and outer UB channel scapular points. (I even did some chinetskyu on the outer UB ch. points last tx).
Please provide me with something else I can be doing to correct the counterbalance of Lung qi.

That ain’t no baseball bat in Adam’s hands !

thank you, Ad

G’day Adam,

Sounds like you are ticking all the right boxes, without personally diagnosing your patient it is a little difficult to be sure, you might try a Liver root treatment Liv.4 – KI.7

I would use the metal points as above since they relate more directly to lung conditions. The most powerful of the Liver Root treatments is probably Liv.8 – Ki.10 the water points.

In addition I suggest more thorough chinetskyu or heat perception moxibustion on the upper back, you might also like to try chinetskyu on Lu.1-Lu.2-CV17 and Lu.5.

Another adjunct to standard treatment maybe the application of tonestkyu or rice grain moxibustion on the point ‘Shitsumin’ located on the centre of the heel on the sole of the foot. This should help draw the deranged yang qi out of the upper jiao into the lower jiao where it will be far more constructively deployed.

Please keep us up to speed on how your patient is progressing.

All the best,


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