Acupuncture Family of Agoura Hills, USA.


Hope all is well in your world.

I spent a couple of extraordinarily pleasurable days in Agoura Hills, just north of LA off the 101 with Dr. Ray Rubio, Tatiana and their 2 beautiful children, playing in and out of the pool, consuming delectable Mexican BBQ delights and drinking all their beer during the very welcome 90deg F. days.

Tatiana Rubio specializes in pre/post natal and pediatric care.

Dr. Ray Rubio specializes in the treatment of infertility, ,

Ray is also a professor at Emporers College in LA.

We first met in 2002 at Masakazu Ikeda sensei’s San Francisco workshop when he graciously offered me a lift to LA on my way to San Diego.

Since that time I have visited the growing Rubio household on every visit to the States, although they have moved from Hollywood to the greener pastures of Agoura Hills.

I was delighted to meet Ray and Tatania’s youngest child. Jesse for the first time and as honorary uncle to their eldest child Savannah, reacquaint myself with my surrogate American niece.

Hope you enjoy this brief insight into a very successful and happy acupuncture family in the USA 2008,


Ray’s Clinic in Westlake, just north of LA.

Dr.Rubio I presume, out of hours.

Lush, I am sure you will agree?

The Rubio Residence.

Da Hood, Agoura Hills Style

The Park

The Rules

The Hills

Ray and his daughter, Savannah.

Precious Moment in an Intense 21st Century.

At 90 deg.F this was an inviting sight indeed!

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  1. I appreciate this “day in the life” story of Ray Rubio, as I understand he is associated with ABORM. You have a lovely blog! Keep up the interesting stories.

  2. You have a GORGEOUS clinic. Those pictures are stunning. This was a lovely look at the opposite side of the country – here’s to cross-country acupuncture and healing!


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