12 Month Old Baby Enjoys Her 1st Japanese Acupuncture Treatment

Gooday To You,

It’s  blustery, rainy and an ominous skied Rainbow Bay today.

In clinic yesterday we treated a 12 month old Maddison who weighed just 5kgs.

This beautiful girl was an absolute delight to treat, her happy demeanor affected us all in the most positive way.

After 3 months in hospital accompanied by her mum and undergoing every orthodox medical test under the sun, the medicos can find zilch physiological explanation on her failure to gain weight.

This little one is happy to go an entire day without eating and her mother is becoming increasingly concerned.

Even so Maddy is one switched on little girl, communicating at will through her eyes and actions to all n sundry.

Incidentally she is well ahead of the average in the mobility stakes having sat, crawled and walked well ahead of schedule.

We started with a Spleen Root treatment followed by some gentle work on her Leg Yangming meridian, abdomen and upper back, finishing with some extremely gentle Do-In on her lower leg.

Maddy laughed and smiled her way through treatment protesting only about restriction of movement when Pe7 and SP3 were administered.

Maddy’s mum is at wit’s end, having tried everything Orthodox Medicine and a myriad of  Complimentary Medicines have to offer.

I will keep you posted on progress.

Meanwhile further images of Luminate 09 follow…….

Hope you and yours are well n happy!



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